White Grape Plants


Most abundant in Spain white variety. More information


White variety of quality produced in Galicia (D.O. Rias Baixas and Ribeiro D.O.). More information


It is one of white grape varieties grown in recent years in the world. More information


White variety grown in Galicia (the Sil and Miño valleys) in the D.O. Valdeorras and D.O. Monterrey. More information

Macabeo / Viura:

Variety of Spanish origin. Cultivated in the zone of Catalonia and la Rioja. More information

Moscatel de Alejandría:

In Valencia, the best Muscat wines are framed in the triangle formed by the regions of Godelleta, Cheste and Turis. D.O. of Malaga and Valencia. More information

Moscatel de Grano Medio:

Currently used for young or fermented wine in barrels with a certain degree of sugar. More information

Pedro Ximénez:

A variety that is present in all Spain, being most abundant in Cordoba. More information

Sauvignon Blanc:

White variety of quality, grown in areas of medium-long cycle. More information


Variety of French Southeast is the base of the famous wine Sauternes. More information


White variety produced in Galicia in the D.O. Rioja and a little D.O. Rias Baixas. More information


High quality, one of the best white varieties of Spain. Cultivated in the D.O.: Rueda (Valladolid). More information