Plantas de Uva Tinta


Variety of grape, rich in colouring matter. It leads to good wines. Present in Valencia, Cuenca and Albacete. More information

Cabernet Sauvignon:

It is the most famous in the world vine variety. Traditionally is planted in the Bordeaux area. More information

Garnacha Tinta:

Rustic variety cultivated in Spain and France. Also known as Aragon ink. More information

Garnacha Tintorera:

Grape characteristic by its colored flesh, and not white like other varieties of red grapes. Also referred to as Alicante Bouchet. More information


Ink variety with good quality, originally from la Rioja. More information


Variety cultivated in France, California, Mexico and Spain. More information


Cultivated in the provinces of León, Orense and Lugo. More information


International variety traditionally cultivated in Bordeaux, extended all over the world. More information


Ink variety very widespread for all Spain. More information

Petit Verdot:

Minority variety originating in the Bordeaux area. More information

Pinot Noir:

One of the finest and most elegant international varieties. A native of Burgundy. More information

Prieto Picudo:

Variety grown in the province of León, used in the production of sparkling wines. More information


From the Valley of the Rhone features. More information


It is the variety planted in recent years in Spain. More information